The newly opened Pension Karolina, is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Slovenský Grob, a village famous for its unique and delicious food. This special village lays only 20 km from the Slovak capital, Bratislava. It will catch your attention first of all with its three outstanding little houses, which create the image of a traditional village, using typical elements from the country architecture in Slovenský Grob.
When entering our small hotel you will find a stylish interior with massive wooden ceilings and other wooden decorative elements. The main hotel rooms are situated upstairs above the restaurant. They offer a magnificent view of the Small Carpathian Mountains, which have their own charm at all times of the year.
Delicious food is served in a restaurant, which also has a winter garden or conservatory. The view from the conservatory makes clear our ambition, not only to fulfill the culinary dreams of our guests, but also to provide them with a relaxing atmosphere, suitable either for a couple or for a group of friends. We have also created facilities for working groups and meetings followed by refreshments from an extensive and varied buffet table.

The owners, Miroslav Jajcay and his wife are looking forward to your visit.

Phone: 011-421-33-6478-264, Cell: 011-421-905-478-264

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